Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Quiet

After the hectic shooting schedule there is a sudden lull in my life. Two songs were to be filmed this week but have been put off for a variety of reasons. First week of August seems most likely now.
Post production has started but at this point there isn’t much for me to do. Initial briefings have been done and the editor has taken charge. The editor needs a free hand with the material so I am staying clear of the editing room. I guess my inputs will be needed only after a couple of weeks.
So, what do I do? Maybe I’ll start work on another script. A couple of scripts are in need of a re-look so maybe that.
In the mean time the political happenings are interesting to watch. It seems that the government has finally had enough of the bulling dished out by the left front. About time too. With just 61 MP’s (or 12% representation) they were allowed to dictate policy for far too long. That the new partners are a dodgy lot is like saying the ocean has water. Given the global slow down these partners will add to the misery of the country. Dr. Singh will need a lot of antacids to deal with them.
I’ll sign in again next week- hopefully and discuss the progress on my work as well as give my gyan on the fast developing political situation.


Injun Gone Loco said...

Let us know when it get's released - So we can watch it !

Vikram Singh said...

November it seems to be. A lot will depend on how crowded that month is. Right now November looks jam packed with big releases every week. A small film like ours can't afford to come up against a biggie. Anyway, my brief is to have it ready for a November release and I am working towards it.